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Oxford, UK contact@oujs.info

Contact + FAQ

For general enquires please email sawyer.suzuki@st-annes.ox.ac.uk  

We also regularly check our facebook page inbox, if you would prefer to contact us on there.


I’m not a student or a member of the university. Can I still join?

Yes! Anybody can become a member and take advantage of our membership benefits. Non-University membership can be purchased in the same way as normal: online through the membership page, or at one of our events.

I’d like to join but I’m not Japanese/don’t speak Japanese/don’t anyone else in the society. Is that alright?

Of course! We have an extremely diverse membership that includes Japanese nationals, students of Japanese Studies, former residents of Japan, as well as loads of people that are simply interested in aspects of Japanese culture. Students range from first year undergrads to DPhils, and we also have many members from the local area. Events are always friendly and laid back, so please come along!

Can I attend an event if I’m not a member?

Generally, yes. Some events are in very high demand or ticketed, and will prioritise members, but if that’s the case it will be clearly marked in the event description. Film events, food/drink socials, and careers events are usually open to everybody.

I want to learn/practice Japanese while I’m in Oxford, can you help?

Yes! We run language lessons for a variety of language levels, from beginner to advanced, once a week during term time. These are free for members but do require that you sign up beforehand. See the language lessons page for more details.

I have a company/product that I think would be of interest to your membership. What should I do?

Please send us an email to the address above, or message us on Facebook. We have a closed membership Facebook group where announcements like that can be posted, but they will require pre-approval to ensure that they’re genuine and relevant to our members.